Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Post: This 'n That II

Well it's obviously been some time since I posted.  Thus, before it ends, I give you a dog days of summer post.    There have been only a few interesting things that have happened for the Oilers, but there are some things of note that I would like to address.

First I think I should touch on the summer of hockey tragedy.  My thoughts are with the family and friends of Rick Rypien, Derek Boogaard, Wade Belak and the whole Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team and the crew of the plane they crashed in.  I often think of those suffering from these losses and wish I could extend them some of my strength and then I take a moment to appreciate what I have and those around me.

Now moving in a more Oilers driven direction, this summer we hope to have seen the final chapter of Nikolai Khabibulin's drunk driving conviction. I think it was the correct thing to do for Nik to all of:

1. Man up and serve his time
2. Not to let this affect his prime training time or his required time to be with the club
3. Find a resolution to this issue one way or another

I wasn't there, but if these allegations are true ( and I believe they likely are) I think the resolution was fair.  I hope to see a more distraction free year from Nik.

Some thoughts of mine on the new arena.  I live in the West Edmonton.  West of WEM west.  Enoch is not that far away and from one perspective, should the arena be built there I would be able to enjoy the privilege of that proximity.  On the other hand though, to build there would be a mistake imo.  I've in the last couple of years come to appreciate what we do have downtown and it's potential.  I hope these conversations are purely exploratory and go no further.

I went to the Team Canada World Junior Development Camp Red vs White game earlier this summer.  Incredible experience, especially considering the value price of admission.  I was impressed with Sean Couturier and Devante Smith-Pelly all night and then was brought out of my seat by Ryan Nugent-Hopkins late. It was Ryan Smyth's first time back out in front of a Rexall crowd since re-joining the team an we gave him a standing ovation.  I can be seen (kinda) front and center directly above the Oilers walk-out, clapping away for Smitty in a video of him dropping the puck here.

Is it just me or was Oilers Lunch on a whole more enjoyable than Oilers Now?  I understand Bob Stauffer's new show boasts an even more impressive list of guests he interviews, but he has time for fewer and shorter interviews on a whole and barely time for any callers ever that with all the news and traffic.  Show starts at like 12:07 or something just getting through the top of the hour stuff.  Still, I'm listening and believe I was the 3rd ever caller on his show.  I was driving or I'd have likely been the first.

Also a shout out to Zeekman for the hockey cards!  2 Album's worth!  Good thing I traded you all my doubles and now I wish I had traded you more of my valued cards ( I sold all 2000+ of my hockey cards years ago, but that's a sad story for another day).  Nice of you to think of me during your recent quest to rid yourself of dusty stuff and I'll always remember this.

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