Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oiler Forward Depth Chart **UPDATED**

Below is a chart of how I see the forward depth, from the NHL locks, to the guys likely to get a look at camp for NHL or AHL duty.  They are listed by position and have the handedness they shoot beside them.  This should be a good guide for anyone trying to make their lines for the NHL or AHL teams ( at least for forwards ).

TRUE Centre Centre / Winger L/R Wing Left Wing Right Wing
Horcoff ( L ) Gagner ( R ) R. Jones ( L ) Hall ( L ) Eberle ( R )

Belanger ( L ) Brule ( R ) Omark ( L ) Smyth ( L ) Hemsky ( R )

Nugent-Hopkins ( L ) Tyrvainen ( L ) Hartikannen ( L ) Paajarvi ( L )   Keller ( R )

Lander ( L ) Kytinar ( L ) Rajula ( L ) Eager ( L )  Abney ( R )    

Van Velde ( L ) House ( R )
Hordichuk ( L )

Green ( L ) Arcobello ( R )
Petrell ( L )

O'Marra ( R ) Pitlick ( R )
Trembley ( L )

Martindale ( L )
Hamilton ( L )

Cornet ( L )

Czerwonka ( L )

Pelss ( L )

Some thoughts first:

  • We are going to have a log jam for our top 9 forward spots. 
  • We are especially deep at the Left Wing ( and/or Centre / Wingers that shoot left ) position. 
  • Our "True Centre" depth could still use work.  
  • Our Right Wing position ( and/or Centre / Wingers that shoot right )  boasts some nice things.  We are still definitely short with right-handed shots up front, especially if we want some of the Centre hopefuls that shoot right to make it at that position. 
  • Overall, we look like we have a few more useful bodies this year to help in case of injury than in years past 
  • Signed to an AHL deal is Andrew Lord (R) who is listed as a centre 

For more information on any of the deeper players, I suggest looking at the Copper n' Blue's site or The Pipeline Show's blog Coming Down The Pipe.  Search for the name you are interested in learning more about and you will probably get just what you are looking for.

Note: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is the only player from this years draft on the list.  He is ineligible to play in the AHL next year due to his age.  He is placed there because the only players at his position (TRUE Centre) with a spot locked up are Horcoff and Belanger.  A C/W, or an older player, or a player with a different dimension to his game that the team may need might make it ahead of him. However, I think it would be unwise to assume that he is going to go back to Junior or that he will make the team.  Only training camp, pre-season and probably 9 games at the beginning of the season will tell that for sure.

 I'll post my defensive depth chart soon and maybe post some line combo's I've been eying up soon too.

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