Monday, July 4, 2011

Puck Passionate on Nation Radio !!! ( well kind of...)

Big Thanks to Allan Mitchell of Lowetide and Oilers Nation for giving a shout out to the blog on the air!

(actual model of radio I listened on, I highly recommend it.)

This last Saturday, I won a draft contest being put on by Oilers Nation and Nation Radio!  The contest was to name the top 10 players to be drafted in order (the closest one wins). I correctly identified the top 6 in order and 8 of the top 10 overall.  I was following my predictions from my Mock Top 12 list posted here. As any of you who visit Lowetide's site or the Nation's should know, Nation Radio is a show aired on The Team 1260 from 12 Noon until 2pm MST hosted by Mr. Mitchel and is a must listen for the hardcore Oiler fan.

You can download this specific episode in part or whole here ( I'm anounced as the winner at the beginning of segment 6! ).

I often download the show from the archives on the Oilers Nation website, but last week out at the lake I had the opportunity to listen live.  With a handful of close friends listening to the show with me and another handful close by, it was a special end to the amazing time I had between June 24th and July 2nd with hockey happenings and vacationing together.  I missed blogging and it was encouraging to hear Puck Passionate's name on live air.

Also thank you Oilers Nation for having such an exciting and fun contest.  This is my first year participating in any such type of draft contest and I don't think I'll ever miss a good one again!

This is the second time Puck Passionate has been mentioned on the radio.

As for the jersey type I'm going to request, you can bet it'll be the new/old white one that RNH donned at the draft!
(except I want his actual number if possible. I think he's going to wear #93.  Anyone know?)

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