Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This 'n That

Thoughts to catch you up on:

The gang lost a member yesterday.  Andrew Cogliano was in many ways a good Oiler, but he lost in a numbers game to men with more size or skill.  I will remember his time as an Oiler with relative fondness ( relative to the fact we lost a lot ) and tell generations after mine about the time he scored 3 ot winners in a row and how he played through some of the nastiest, most painful looking face/mouth injuries I have seen to play every game he could have for the Oil.  I'll tell of the rookie year and the kid line.  I think it's safe to say I'm a fan of his, but that being said, I think that decisions needed to be made, and I'm glad they were.

The return on Cogliano may seem like a loss because we drafted him in the first round and only got a second round pick back, but remember we got a 2nd round pick and 4 years of 82 games/year. ( NHL totals    328GP   57G    89A    146P    137PIM ).

Only 4 of my players ranked in my Final Top 65 Ranked were drafted later than 65  and only one went undrafted ( Myles Bell was in a serious car accident this off season, I had him ranked 42nd ).

77    Daniel Catenacci (C)    Buffalo Sabres ( I had him ranked 38th )

107    Colin Jacobs (C)    Buffalo Sabres ( I had him ranked 62nd )

118    Marcel Noebels (LW)    Philadelphia Flyers (from Tampa Bay) ( I had him ranked 44th )

128    Seth Ambroz (RW)    Columbus Blue Jackets ( I had him ranked 54th )

I like Gilbert Brule.  I really want the whole package to come together for him because if it did there is still a place on my roster for him.  I can't in good conscious believe he has a spot right now but the guy can shoot, skate, hit, take a faceoff and he's a good guy in the room.

Lennart Petrell is my big underdog to make the club.  The SEL veteran  can skate, hit and agitate ( I've herd he's the Matt Cooke of the SEL minus a little offense ).  There has been next to zero talk of him, and I understand that, but if Eager or Hordichuk go down to injury I would expect his name to be at the top of the call up list.

I watched some off ice video of Colten Teubert participating in a cooking contest at this years Oilers development camp.  He's a leader.  I like that and think that it will help his case for NHL employment in the future.  He should wear an "A" in OKC this year.

Bob Stauffer nailed Brule as the (initial) return for Smyth.  He was also was high on Barker and Belangier prior to free agency and he became softer on Konopka closer to July 1st.  He didn't know who Samu Perhonen was on draft day though.  This guy might be as connected as Jim Matheson, whose articles in The Journal I always pay attention too.

I'm back at work starting yesterday after almost 3 weeks off ( it started the day of the draft ).  It was a SIC holiday ( that's a good thing ) and this blog benefited from my extra time off.  I'm still updating, just probably not 2 or 3 times a day.  Maybe more like 2 or 3 times a week now but we'll see how it goes.  I plan to post more often when any Oilers activity of note happens or when I have something I want to say.  We have entered the dog days of the summer but things still happen from time to time.

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