Friday, July 8, 2011

Today's Oiler Prospect Fan Fodder: The single question interview

I'm not a guy who would likely take an autograph from a fresh 3rd rounder that's far from a guaranteed NHL'er but I figured, if nothing else, he has solid blood lines.

So I let Dillon Simpson ( Dillon is on the right in the above pic and Tanner House is front and centre ) sign a hat I had earmarked for RNH or any established pro I may have seen lurking ( Doug Weight is in town, Ales Hemsky was on the ice testing his shoulder in a light skate with the kids a few days ago, Ryan Smyth and/or Shawn Horcoff might be the kinds of guys to consider popping by to see the kids etc ).

 I didn't take any other autographs but I had the opportunity to ask a quick question to each of 4 Oilers prospect invitees.  The question I chose:

Pisani's Irish Cousin: "What's your favorite song right now, or a song that you like to listen to before going on the ice to pump you up?" 

Tobias Reider: Give Me Everything Tonight - Pitbull

Colin Smith: Whoa Is Me - Down With Webster

Tanner House: Asylum - Disturbed

Dillon Simpson: No Sleep - ( didn't catch the artist ;)

see my other post today for some on ice player observations.

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