Sunday, June 19, 2011

Black and Yellow and next years 1st

The Boston Bruin's must feel pretty good right now. Tyler Seguin (a good kid and very good hockey player that's only getting better) can now feel comfort that going 2nd wasn't as bad as maybe it looked like at the draft last year.  I remember him looking disappointed.  "For every door that closes, another opens" or so the saying goes, I believe.  I wonder if this motivates Hall at all?  A little?

More likely Taylor Hall Has all the internal motivation he needs, and will become the player we all believe is possible sooner rather than later.  Why would I say that (it invites disappointment)?  Well I believe it.  His player type tends to trend well early in the career, sometimes meaning he'll be less effective at 34 than 21 or 22 (give or take a Teemu Selanne).

Does this mean the Oilers will be a far better team next year with a rapidly developing superstar, already the best player on the team?

In a word, "no".

Next year I believe the Oilers will suffer from lack of depth, injuries, and young quality players that can't keep up with the development of Hall.  Next year I expect to draft in the single digits, meaning with Stu MacGregor at the helm we can continue to built on our young depth.  Most of the players I expect to be on our contending team that are already in our system are 22 or younger.  Many under 20.

As we know a team of 20 year olds rarely if ever has success and playing those players in the NHL too early could sully their development.  So we must wait, with veteran players that are injury prone and/or can pull their weight.

I don't like dealing draft picks. Even in situations where it's to acquire a better draft pick or a proven player, in some cases I have reservations, and I like to pick over everything.  I like acquiring draft picks but we must be cautious of loosing too much of our veteran depth.  We may actually be at or beyond that point already.

I'm on the fence with trading Hemsky, I must say, and I don't like loosing too many bullets even if it means a better one.  I'll likely be critical of any trade involving our 1st pick next year.  
 "For every door that closes, another opens."
If we miss out on something this year, something comparable may be there next year and we're not out of good draft territory yet.

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