Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smyth may go to Calgary....( *barf )

What a conflict this would present.

If Ryan Smyth was willing to play in the battle of Alberta for the Flames, I might have to boo him.  Maybe he's ok with that, considering we let him go, but I'm not.  This might be "one of those things" that I have to do.

Kevin Lowe better not find his way onto the jumbo-tron that night or he's in for an earful too!  "YOU SEE THIS, K-LOWE?  THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!" (like good free agents, or winning teams.)  I'm not a huge K-Lowe hater usually, but this would be wrong on all kinds of levels!

I might have to boo Ryan Smyth....  I'm in shambles over the mere thought.  I might cry while booing but, I'd boo.

What a mess.


Sir Spear said...

First post!!! lol
Long-time surfer, first-time poster, awesome site, I heard that mention of your site on the Oilers draft show, crazy!

Great pic, by the way, haha

Pisani's Irish Cousin said...

Ya that was a good night for Puck Passionate's early life... Long time eh?