Thursday, June 16, 2011

Changing Themes and Dropping Wins

By mid January 2010, the Oiler's NHL season took on a title.  It was a hope inspiring theme that gave purpose to the FAIL that the rest of 09-10 was.

That Title was "The Fall for Hall".

This season after some early thoughts of competitiveness were washed away in the storm that was reality, I again searched for our next savior and a theme to grasp and spread.

And so early, after some thought of what to rhyme with "Couturier" (good luck making it work in context) I settled on a new theme:

"The Arson for Larsson! 
(burn another season down) "

And so it was for most, if not all of the season.  We obviously needed (need) a lot of high level help on the back end - and Couturier was flagging.

But in that last few weeks of this season, things started happening, and so things started to change.  I was without theme again, as finally some top end forwards emerged ahead of the rest.

"Oil Flog for Landeskog"?.  No, but there was a brief time around when Hall suggested that maybe Gabriel was making noise out east that I made back-up plans in case of a need to change. But no, further investigation confirmed lack of "dynamic" nature I feel is required to be a legit #1.

So no change yet, but by that point Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was clouding the issue.

I didn't commit my vote to him until after I saw Jonathan Huberdeau at the memorial cup, just in case my western ears mis-heard the case of the kid who was #1a/b with Couturier out of the Q.  Again although impressive, there was not enough to believe he moved ahead of RNH.

And Sean had his chance to really impress as the only draft eligible forward (player?) for Canada at the World Juniors and although he looked like he belonged and was indeed "high end", he showed little in the way of "dynamic" skill.

And so about a month ago (maybe 5 weeks) I took the Burnaby kid's side and now truly believe he is right for the Oilers.  Since then I have struggled to decide what the title of our season, (by that time already finished), really had been.
And 3 days ago it struck me.

Last season, we showed the world how to "Drop Wins for Hopkins".

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