Friday, June 17, 2011


Are there prospects in this year's draft class who are being over rated?  How can we tell?

Well a lot has been made about a few of the prospects that, quite simply to me, is too much.

For instance:

Duncan Siemens - Really? Top 15 ish?
Draft resumes for this type of player generally read like so:
Big, won't beat anyone with blazing speed but fast enough for a big guy, simple but effective passes, physical, nasty, defensively sound for the most part but not a power-play presence.

The first round seems like it should be a bit of a stretch for this prospect (for any team I'm drafting for).  Alex Plante types are a dime a dozen.  The development time required for a prospect like this to attain success in the NHL not only varies but usually trends towards requiring a longer road rather a shorter one.  Injury plays a large factor in the career of such a prospect and is more likely to occur playing the type of game he plays.

At best I would consider taking this player as the Oilers with pick 31.  We can do better before then.

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