Monday, June 20, 2011

Connor Murphy moving up.

I always wanted to move Conner Murphy up based on his skills, 2-way game, size, stregnth, speed and timing  reportedly shown in his his strong (although limited) viewings.  Injurys are also a consideration with this prospect and back issues can kill a career early (see J.F. Jacques).

After getting such a good review from Bob McKenzie in his final player ranking for the 2011 Entry Draft, I'm sold enough to move him up past two very good and physical shutdown d-men in Ramus Bengtsson and  Tyler Wotherspoon and now would consider him a valuable selection for any team in the 20-30 range... basicly outside what I'd like to see the Oilers take at 19 but in the conversation for 31 should he be there.

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Pisani's Irish Cousin said...

I'm hearing now foot speed may be an issue...