Monday, June 20, 2011

A word about the process

Bob McKenzie is a smart man with a reputation for accurate predictions.  His list is not a list of the top prospects as he states here.  These are the key lines:

"Finally, a word about the process used to determine these rankings.

This is not a subjective analysis of who TSN believes will develop into the best prospects or the order that they should be taken. It's not a scouting report, per se.

It is a more objective numerical ranking based on the consensus of opinion gathered from 10 NHL scouts, a barometer of where we think a player is most likely to be taken in the draft."

This is something to consider when deciding what we believe to be a good pick or not.  Just because J.T. miller cracked the top 30 does not mean he is one of the 30 best prospects, just that it's highly likely that someone will take him in the 2nd half of the first round (my bet is Toronto if he's still available).

Looks like Connor Murphy is on the edge and Bob acknowledges this by placing him 30th.  Injurys are a large concern.  A Curtis Hamilton type of situation?  Maybe more like Brett Connolly (in regards to to injury situation in the draft year)?

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